Friday, January 9, 2009

Legoland :)

After a fun filled weekend w/Isabelle, we ventured out to Lego land to meet my sister Ginny! We were sooo lucky to get some free passes w/preferred parking :) It was a lot of fun and A LOT OF PEOPLE!!! Tatianna & Elijah had fun running around while J.J. and Isabelle chased them :) Ha ha... J.J. & Isabelle did go on a fun ride that they waited in line for over an hour (while we tried to entertain two 2 1/2 year olds... J.J. was a little disappointed that the ride lasted "like 2 seconds" :) There was a lot to see and do... I think Tati will enjoy it a bit more when she's a little older... or maybe mommy will enjoy it more when there are not 100,000 people there on Christmas vacation :0 One of the highlight was visiting Mini land, USA. It was amazing to see all the detailed cities and fun to see NYC!! Tati and I reminisced about our trip this summer for a minute, until she wanted to jump on the carousel in central park...

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Fun Game?!?

Tatianna came RUNNING into the living room tonight w/a trail of toilet paper behind her?!?! She thought what a fun, fun game until.........

Putter (our cat) saw it and wanted to play... Oops...
The smile/surprised look on her face was precious :)

Tatianna was loving on her baby... don't mind the food stains on baby from a dinner feeding... one day she'll realize that her baby can't really eat all of her leftovers :)

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