Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just what the doctor ordered....

Well no, not really, but if I was a doctor I would have prescibed
this for Tatianna and I right about now!!!! We've (o.k. ME) have been feeling a little down lately and when my sister Ginny asked us to join her in Lincoln City for the weekend, I was soooo excited!!!!!

An amazing view of the Pacific... a delicious glass of wine and a James Patterson book... really??!!... relaxation couldn't get much better :)

There was a Tsunami warning the day after our arrival because of the earthquake in Chile. I wished I had never told Tati that we were going to go play in the sand... Nope... No sand for us, they closed the beaches because of the possible Tsunami... The waves were HUGE and beautiful. We sure miss the beaches in San Diego :(
They used to be 5 mins. away, now it's over 2 hours away!

Tatianna and her cousin Elijah (just about 2 months older than her) had such a GREAT time together!!!! They ran, ran, ran, ran, ran!!!!! Never a dull moment! It was super cute to see them play barbies together~ Their imaginations are just running rampant right now~ I love it :) Her cousin Isabelle, is just about the sweetest little girl you could ever meet! She read books, played games and just entertained Tatianna & Eli soooo much :)

We brought home a 2 lb. crab and a bunch of clams to share our weekend with Jason! He had to work and missed all the fun festivities :( Tatianna LOVED the crab dipped in butter!
I'm happy that she will try new things!

The Clam lingunie was amazing too :) I really am learing how to cook after all.....