Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baseball Fun!


Monday night, Jason, Tatianna and I enjoyed a night of baseball!! My boss, Dr. Styrt, invites all of our patients to a ball game every summer. Tatianna did soooo well. She loved the fireworks everytime someone hit a homefun!! She had fun visiting w/all the girls from work and
(even got to enjoy a sucker:) shhhhhhh :0

Tatianna had sooooo much fun dancing around whenever the mucic played. I also wanted to show a picture of her cute Padre tattoo!! It looks like she's giving thanks that they won :)

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Friday, July 25, 2008

I was tagged......

I was tagged by my girlfriend Dana about "6 random things about me"
sooooooo........ here I go......

1) I going to the movies by myself!!! No one to worry about, no one to share my special treats with, no one to be concerned if they are enjoying themselves...just ME TIME :)

2) I'm the biggest closet Neil Diamond fan (Dana, we need to hit a concert:) I thank my mom for my eclectic taste in music......

3) I enjoy eating out by myself at restaurants.... (something I did a lot of living on my own downtown Portland, Oregon) before I got married...

4) I'm a complete night owl..... I LOVE my evenings...... between working part- time and taking care of Tatianna, my "MY" time comes late in the evening.... this is the time I girlfriends...organize my Picasa pictures..... it's just MY time and I enjoy it..

5) I am the youngest of 5... the baby I guess...I love and adore my siblings!! Tatianna is the 11th grandchild.... I have an older brother, Jon.. then Amy, Ginny, Lisa and Myself... The funny thing about being the "baby" although I am 30 (yikes) I will ALWAYS be the baby or "little Karie"!!

6) I am deathly afraid of heights.... The drive up to Big Bear nearly gives me a heart attack every time!!

OK, those were pretty random and have no rhyme or reason.... happy to share... :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cute Cousins!

Tutus....suckers....cousins....Life is GOOD! :) visit for fun shopping!!

Matching jammies make slumber parties soooo much more fun :)
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San Francisco Visit

We had such a wonderful time playing w/my sister, Amy and her wonderful children is San Francisco last week!! We played in the pool, had a few bbq's, some backyard fun and just RELAXED!!! It was such a great visit. Tatianna & Anna are only 5 months apart, so there were a few hard moments, but for the most part had a blast :)

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Thursday, July 3, 2008


Tatianna & I helped her girlfriend Caylin celebrateher 3rd Birthday last Saturday..... It was such a wonderful party at a great park!! We just LOVED the cupcakes!!! Seriously, I could have eaten the whole batch!! Tatianna gobbled hers up and was soooo excited about licking all the frosting off 1st :) Don't you just love Birthdays... :)

Slumber Party :)

Tatianna & I had a slumber party with Stacia & Alexandra last Sunday night!! The girls had such a good time and just DIDN'T want to go to they stayed up 'till 11:30!!! Yes, that's correct....11:30!!!! Such party animals :) They must get it from their mommas!!!! I love the picture of Allie checking out her nails, while Tati is on her phone.....such DIVAS!!!!!! I can imagine having a similar picture in about 12 years......Can't wait until our next sleep over :)
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