Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bird feeding time :)

This picture makes me laugh :) this is Tati's pretend cry/laugh...
she's got it down to almost perfection with all the practice!!!

Tatianna and I have been trying to get our "craft on" lately :)
Here's some simple bird feeders that we made last week when the weather was BEAUTIFUL!!
We need to take advantage of those days up here!
Super simple: pine cone+ peanut butter+ birdseed+ a little yarn= happy birds

We had a great time doing these...
even if the birds have YET to eat off of them :( ha ha


my little buttercup said...

Look at fun!
Funny your last post...I just took down some of my cook books. It is time for us as well! Trying to make my grocery was so much work, I decided to get on the computer :).

Karie said...
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Karie said...

ha ha, I LOVE! Stupid to have so many cookbooks, then look online... oh well :) My man has been eating pretty good lately!

danielle said...

Ahhh looks like fun! Miss you two!