Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sunriver & Bend

Such a wonderful week of relaxation and fun!
We had sun, rain, snow, wind, hail & lightening!!!
We spent a lot of time at the river watching Jason attempt to catch dinner for the night... didn't happen this trip... hopefully on our next one :) Tatianna loved spending so much time with her daddy as did I!

We had a lot of fun feeding the fish at the hatchery!

Tatianna & Cousin Andie

Enjoying lunch with my brother and his family on such a beautiful day :)

Celebrating Cousin Elijah's 4th Birthday!!!

Jason and I were sooo blessed to have a golf date together!! I didn't think we would, so I didn't bring my clubs, but enjoyed driving the cart and watching him play! It was a wonderful day :) My sister Ginny is the best and played with Tatianna during our date! YAY for sisters :)

Baseball games, birthdays, days on the river, playing cards with family and reading books by the fireplace sure made this a vacation to remember :) So thankful to live close to them all again!

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